Aquamarine Dream Machine

Monday, Sep 4
Legends of Tomorrow

Aquamarine Dream Machine is a group of longtime friends that have combine their passion for musical experimentation and live improvisation to produce a series of mind expanding arrangements that are the springboard for the groups exciting and unpredictable live improvisation. The bands growing popularity is giving them the opportunity to join larger festivals and preform at larger venues throughout Iowa and the surrounding area.

The groups focus is on their live show, they work to create a unique musical experience for themselves and their fans every time they take the stage. The improvisational journeys that they take during their performances are influenced by the vibe the crowd is projecting and the individual mindset of each member as they enter into the performance. This approach allows the band to create and change their pieces on the spot during their performance, this provides an exciting unpredictable experience for the band and their fans. This experience leaves their fans looking for more opportinties to see the band again.

Hometown in Iowa: Quimby, Correctionville, Ft. Dodge, Altoona

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