Saturday, Sep 2
Discover Iowa Stage

iNFUZiON performs a very wide variety of music.  Everything from Rock, R&B, some Blues and even Alternative County.
Band Members: 
Kevin McGinnis – Kevin was a founding member of Central Iowa’s “Kolorado Koolaid” back in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s.  He also played with Rialto, Lady Blue, MidLifeCRISIS, Truth Be Told, The Bristol’s and most recently with the J.C. Anderson band.

Greg Cloe – Greg is one of Iowa’s unsung Lead and Rhythm guitar players.  As you will hear, he is a master of “TONE”.  Greg has been a member of WARP-10, Rialto, Subtle Influence, Truth Be Told, MidLifeCRISIS and The Bristol’s over the years.

Mark Owen – Mark brings to the stage many, many years of experience with top notch Central Iowa bands such as WARP-10, Subtle Influence, Mr. Moto, Sam Solomone’s band, Rialto and MidLifeCRISIS.

Hometowns in Iowa:  Des Moines  Continue reading “Infuzion”