Legends of Tomorrow Stage

September 1st 

1 pm Youth Gone Wild
2:30  pm Halfloves
4 pm Markaus
5 pm Sires
6 pm SB Vocals
7 pm Foxholes
9 pm Fire Works 

September 2nd 

9 am Paige Harpin Group
11 am Lily DeTaeye
1 pm Courtney Krause Trio
3 pm Girls Rock Des Moines 
5 pm Sarah Pattschull
7 pm Sierra Annie w/Band  (90 Minutes)
9 pm Fire Works 

September 3rd 

11am High Point
1 pm Stereowide 
3pm TBA
5pm  Eboni Brown 
7 pm Genevieve Salamone
9 pm Fire Works

September 4th 

9 am Battle Band Finalist
10 am Battle Band Finalist
11 am Battle Band Finalist
12 pm  Iowa Rock Battle Band Winner
1 pm The Fuss
3 pm Carbon Canaries