Luke Fox

Saturday, Sep 2
Iowa Strong

You hear a voice as thick and smooth as whiskey and mellow guitar playing that you can only imagine is the byproduct of God’s hands literally caressing the strings to move. You imagine a symphony raucously swaying in musical unity behind a bear of a man strumming on the most melodious acoustic guitar you’ve ever heard. But it fades back to just one man and that’s all that is really there. In an instant you are taken with him across rivers and hills. With lyrical poetry that is both tasteful and strong, you are pulled into a warm and welcoming evening of lighthearted banter and tasteful folk music. This was my transcendent experience hearing Luke Fox. A traveler and kindred spirit, Luke has a friendly demeanor and an authentic character. His music is soothing and exact; I don’t know how long he has been honing his craft but it is as fine as aged wine. After hearing him for the first time he joined me for drinks and I can see why his music is so poignant: the guy is as genuine as his lyrics. A sure-fire favorite and one heckofa guy. Don’t miss what Luke Fox is doing with music.

Hometown in Iowa: Des Moines

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