Randy Burk & The Prisoners

Saturday, Sep 2
Iowa Strong

In the rich tradition of artists like Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, and Dave Alvin, artist Randy Burk creates music that is at once exciting and familiar, honest and soulful, fearless and introspective. Burk has an unparalleled blue-collar work ethic that he’s easily applied to the cutthroat world of music with a midwestern sensibility that for the last 15 years has enabled him to play more than 200 shows a year across the Midwest, West Coast, and Europe with the Prisoners. Burk’s affinity for songs about love, life, pain, and good ole hard work can be traced to his small-town Iowa roots. Born and raised in Atlantic, Iowa Burk spent much of his youth singing in the church and listening to his father’s collection of Elvis Presley 8 tracks. These roots he never abandoned even while sharing the stage with artists from Big Smith to Jason Aldean. Roots that ground honesty to his song writing and humility across the thousands of miles and thousands of shows. “My boots have known mostly rocky roads, but that makes the songs come easy sometimes,” Burk says. In 2012 Randy Burk and the Prisoners won the ArtistSignal.com 90-day competition for $25,000, which helped them release their 3rd album “Money, Heart & Soul.” Burk and the Prisoners will release their 4th album in the fall of 2017. 

Hometown in Iowa: Des Moines, Story City, Atlantic


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