Rick Burke’s Travelling Music Show and Review

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

Self described “Honky Tonk Lounge Lizard” Rick brings the heart and soul of rural South-Central Iowa to his performances. Songs about winning and losing and just getting through life are his stock and trade and honesty and heart are his currency. Schooled in rock, blues and country bands, but always returning to his acoustic, singer-song writer roots, Rick started a one man show in 2008 and never looked back. Rick states, “I love playing with bands, but there is something special about connecting with an audience with just a guitar, a voice, and a great song. Rick is a winner of the Iowa Music Project song writers competition with his bluegrass inspired, Lazarus, which appears on the compilation album with 24 other Iowa bands and writers.

Hometown in Iowa
: Osceola

Website: http://rsburke.wixsite.com/rickburkeshow
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