Stutterin Jimmy And the Goosebumps

Sunday, Sep 3
The Truth Party Bowl

Stutterin Jimmy and the Goosebumps are an infusion of Blues, Roots and Alternative. This line-up has been making there way across Iowa for the last 7mo. and keep getting asked to do more.
Band Members: Stutterin Jimmy (Jim Enos), Scott Cochran, Matt Cullen & Jason Kampus

Hometowns in Iowa: Indainola

Jim Enos has coped with a debilitating stutter since the age of five. As a child, he found his love for music in his church’s Sunday School program, but was too self-conscious of his speech impediment to participate in its musical activities. His first opportunity to express himself musically was during a performance with his school choir at age 11. He describes the experience as a “spiritual awakening,” but his vulnerability left him traumatized. He would spend the next 17 years of his life battling drug and alcohol abuse. 

Having overcome his addiction, he has learned to use music to express himself in ways that his words cannot.