Dick Danger Band

Sunday, Sep 3
Discover Iowa

Over four decades, Dick Danger has mastered the art of guitar. Archie’s steady beat and Rick’s walking bass round out the smooth groove sound enjoyed by crowds internationally! Joined by Kyle’s soulful keys,Curtis’s rhythmic licks, and the silky vocals of T-Finesse and Ar-Jay, the Dick Danger Band melds the old days of psychedelic funk with modern dance favorites to create a party vibe fit for all ages.

Hometown in Iowa: Des Moines

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Youth Gone Wild

Friday, Sep 1
Legends of Tomorrow

Youth Gone Wild is Comprised of 4 METALHEAD teen super ROCK stars. Ages 13 through 16. It all started almost 6 yrs ago, when Kaden joining the kid metal group, Minitallica at barely age 9 yrs old. John joined the band a year and a half later as the bass player. They played to crowds and venues of all ages and size and became very well known in Eastern Iowa as “The Future of Metal” Almost 2 years ago Minitallica members split ways and Kaden and John started their own band, “Youth Gone Wild”, bringing back another past member of Minitallica, Wyatt, on bass, moving John to lead guitar.and bringing on a brand new face, Derek Powers on drums. Less than a year later Wyatt was replaced with Orion and the current YGW line up was born. They are still heavily influenced by Metal bands such as Pantera, Metallica and A7X. They are also working on YGW Originals. The boys have opened for National Acts such as Saliva, Saving Abel, Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, Brazilian 2Wins, and Hairball. They have been featured in 2 documentaries, countless radio interviews, local TV news interviews, news paper stories and a segment of an IPTV Kids Clubhouse episode on music! They play regularly at various local music venues and are a crowd favorite at summer fairs and town celebrations.

Hometown in Iowa
: Waterloo, Hudson

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Dave Moore

Sunday, Sep 3
Janey Hooper Memorial

Dave Moore is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Iowa City.   His early influences were blues and conjunto music.  He was a frequent performer on American Public Radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” and records for Minneapolis-based Red House Records.

Hometown in Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

Chad Elliott & the Redemptions

Saturday, Sep 2
West of 35

Like the dark earth of his Iowa origins, Chad Elliott’s life has served as fertile ground for music. Elliott has turned love, loss, fatherhood, divorce and homelessness into lyrics. He performs more than 200 shows each year, has cultivated more than 1,000 songs and released his 20th album in October of 2015. In this latest album, “Wreck and Ruin”, Elliott dives into his love of roots-rock, soul and blues music with a rocking band behind his artfully crafted songs. Producer and drummer, Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo) lined up the best rhythm and lead players in Nashville to create Elliott’s greatest album to date. Guitarist and bassist Kenny Vaughan and Dave Roe, legendary Nashville players, add the needed touches to rocket Elliott’s songs into a new arena of hard driving Americana.

Hometown in Iowa: Lamoni

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