Dave Paris Group

Dave Paris Band

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

Cedar Rapids-based virtuoso guitarist Dave Paris combines rock, blues, djent, and shred into high-energy technical precision and jams. Supporting his “Jury of my Peers” release, his three-piece band is set to entertain and inspire. Fans of guitar rock will not want to miss this.
Band Members: Dave Paris: guitar, vocals
Barbe Paris: bass, keyboards, lead vocals
Miles Damaso: Drums
Hometowns in Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Marion

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The Fez

Sunday, Sep 3
West of 35

Faithfully recreating the slinky jazz rock and pop of Steely Dan, The Fez has risen in 6 yrs to become one of Eastern Iowa state most popular bands. An all star line up of 15 amazing musicians..you will not be disappointed

Hometowns in Iowa: Iowa City, Marion, Davenport, Cedar Rapids

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