Dave Paris Group

Dave Paris Band

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

Cedar Rapids-based virtuoso guitarist Dave Paris combines rock, blues, djent, and shred into high-energy technical precision and jams. Supporting his “Jury of my Peers” release, his three-piece band is set to entertain and inspire. Fans of guitar rock will not want to miss this.
Band Members: Dave Paris: guitar, vocals
Barbe Paris: bass, keyboards, lead vocals
Miles Damaso: Drums
Hometowns in Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Marion

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The Fuss

The Fuss

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

The Fuss is a DIY Indie-Rock group from Des Moines, Iowa (est. 2015). Combining guitar-centric elements of ’60s garage-rock, poignant lyricism and buoyant vocal melodies, they’ve crafted an engaging and energetic live set with a sound that’s been described as “sonically adventurous*” and “severely catchy**”. Beginning as the solo project of songwriter Joey Lyons, The Fuss now features Matt Nelson, Ben Waldschmitt, and Nick Lucs and has set itself apart in the Des Moines music scene.
Band Members:
Joey Lyons, Matt Nelson, Ben Waldschmitt, Nick Lucs
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Ryne Doughty

Sunday, Sep 3
The Originals

Folk/Americana Singer-Songwriter based out of Des Moines, IA. Story songs, funny songs and sad songs inspired by real life and the hard-working people of Iowa, all with rich vocals and fluid finger-picking guitar.

Hometown in Iowa: Washington, Des Moines

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Rick Burke’s Travelling Music Show and Review

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

Self described “Honky Tonk Lounge Lizard” Rick brings the heart and soul of rural South-Central Iowa to his performances. Songs about winning and losing and just getting through life are his stock and trade and honesty and heart are his currency. Schooled in rock, blues and country bands, but always returning to his acoustic, singer-song writer roots, Rick started a one man show in 2008 and never looked back. Rick states, “I love playing with bands, but there is something special about connecting with an audience with just a guitar, a voice, and a great song. Rick is a winner of the Iowa Music Project song writers competition with his bluegrass inspired, Lazarus, which appears on the compilation album with 24 other Iowa bands and writers.

Hometown in Iowa
: Osceola

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The Big Joe Kinser Band

Sunday, Sep 3
The Originals

The Big Joe Kinser band, a Des Moines based Americana/Western swing band, plays up-tempo twang all over central Iowa. Their Big Joe penned original songs pay homage to old testament prophets like Bob Wills, Hank Sr, Waylon, Willie, Merle & Cash, as well as New testament disciples like the Mavericks, Dwight Yoakam, Asleep at the Wheel and Lyle Lovett. Big Joe writes and plays from the heart with a sensibility honed by growing up in the rural midwest and with a keen eye for the poetic in everyday life.

Hometown in Iowa: Des Moines

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Ed Corpus

Saturday, Sep 2
The Originals

Singer-songwriter, Ed Corpus, and his original brand of piano based country-soul, fuses colorful harmonies with soulfully romantic lyrics and a smooth baritone. Inspired by artists such as Phil Vassar, Alan Jackson, Bob Seeger and Van Morrison, live performances include a variety of original country ballads and up tempo piano rock anthems.

Hometown in Iowa: West Des Moines

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Brazilian 2wins

Sunday, Sep 3
The Originals

The Brazilian 2wins are a stretch to understand without experiencing them LIVE. The violinist, Walter Caldas, sounds like Lindsey Sterling had a music baby with Carlos Santana. His vocals are as unique as a folk singer, yet strong like a pop star. His Twin, Wagner Caldas, drives the group’s energy with an electric ukulele while hyping the crowds and the band alike. The bassist, Riley Scheetz, is a strong presence on stage and in speaker, comparable to Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers with infectious grooves like Michael Jackson. RaQwon Reed sits on the throne, feeding the band with a tight  Gospel-Pop pocket and ramps the music higher with well placed fills

Hometown in Iowa: Des Moines, Waterloo, Independence

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