The Truth Party Bowl

The Candymakers

A 56 Hour+ Party Venue

Entrance to The Truth Party Bowl requires a separate ticket and is open to only 17+ year old adults with ID. The Truth tickets alone can be ordered, hereOr, purchase your premium camping packages here and have all access including The Truth, Tailgate and all IowaStock stages. Professional security will be provided.  Headliners, house band, breakfast pavilion, t-shirts for all who can handle the truth, info below . . .  Continue reading “The Truth Party Bowl”

After Party: The Truth’s Commissioned Band & Leaders of the Jam Sessions

Jeff Banks' After Party

Sat, Sun, Mon
2am until Sunrise
The Bowl

After Party

After Party, commissioned by IowaStock to keep the vibe going each and every Labor Day weekend, was constructed by Jeff Banks and is designed to be funky, greasy and high energy. The sound is fresh, it’s tight and it’s loose but no matter what… it’s always the real thing. They pull no punches. The music is honest and the stories are true. This band is comprised of some of the finest musicians you will hear. With roots in funk, jazz, blues and rock, After Party is also at home improvising all night. Rest assured, this is no ordinary band. 

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