Youth Talent Showcase & Foundation

Research has empirically documented that young people who participate in music and art programs, especially at very young ages, benefit in a myriad of ways from being better mathematicians and scientist to having constructive outlets for their energies versus sitting in front of the television or a video game console.

Music improves organizational skills, social skills, etc…Yet the body politic has not only failed to meaningfully invest in youth and scholastic music and artistic development but these programs have been sacrificed in Iowa for years even as we’ve seen hundreds of millions put into athletic facilities like weight rooms and plush offices for bureaucrats.

The IowaStock Youth Talent Showcase & Foundation is dedicated to nurturing Iowa’s young musical talent, exposing our youth, particularly our impoverished children to Iowa’s musical excellence and legacy, and fighting for and supporting a re-investment in Iowa’s scholastic music and arts programs.

If you believe that exposing our youth to music and art opportunities is important you can be a founding member of the IowaStock Youth Talent Showcase & Foundation beginning at $100 dollars, or contributing whatever your heart tells you the value of this is.

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