The Fuss

Friday, Sep 1
The Originals

The Fuss is a DIY Indie-Rock group from Des Moines, Iowa (est. 2015). Combining guitar-centric elements of ’60s garage-rock, poignant lyricism and buoyant vocal melodies, they’ve crafted an engaging and energetic live set with a sound that’s been described as “sonically adventurous*” and “severely catchy**”. Beginning as the solo project of songwriter Joey Lyons, The Fuss now features Matt Nelson, Ben Waldschmitt, and Nick Lucs and has set itself apart in the Des Moines music scene.
Band Members:
Joey Lyons, Matt Nelson, Ben Waldschmitt, Nick Lucs
Hometowns in Iowa: Des Moine

Social Media Links:

* Franck Zeisel, Benzine Mag
** Ben Kieffer, IPR Host of River to River & Java Blend